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Studio Policy

Lessons will be held weekly for one half hour, forty-five minutes, or one hour. Students should arrive on time and prepared with all music books, theory, and assignment books needed for the lesson. Theory assignments are to be completed at home. A minimum practice schedule of 30 minutes per day is expected of all beginning students and practice time should be increased as the student progresses to a new level of proficiency. Group theory classes are offered in January, February, and March to thoroughly prepare students for the MTAC Certificate of Merit™ evaluations. Computer activities will be recommended for students requiring additional theory work.

Makeup lessons will be given when the student gives advance notice of their absence. It is the student’s responsibility to see that the makeup lesson is completed within the month of absence. 
All students are expected to take a serious approach to the study of piano establishing a regular practice schedule, memorizing pieces, and planning ahead for yearly state and national adjudication.

Recitals and adjudication through the National Guild of Piano Teachers and the Music Teachers Association of California are a requirement of my program. Yearly assessment is vital in maintaining the highest standards of musicianship.

Parents are welcome to attend the lessons at any time and may choose to take notes, record, or video the lesson.


The studio holds two recitals annually.  All students are expected to participate in studio recitals. All music is to be memorized for the recital performance.

The recitals have plenty of seating.  Friends and family are welcome to attend.  Small children are also welcome, but with parental supervision.  Parents should be prepared to remove little guests, if necessary, to avoid distracting a performance.

Cameras and video equipment are always welcome.

Families should arrive promptly and avoid leaving during recitals. It is courteous to stay and listen to all the students perform. If you absolutely must leave early, please leave only during applause. Cell phones must remain off during the program.

Dress for recitals: Girls should wear a “party” dress and dress shoes.  No flip-flops, no short skirts, and no slacks for young ladies. Boys should wear a shirt and tie, dress slacks, and dress shoes. Please, no tennis shoes or sandals for boys.